Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Balance - Jim Davis, you've lost my business forever

New Balance Distances Itself From Donation to Romney

to: Jim Davis, Chariman, and Rob DiMartini, President:

I have been a big supporter of New Balance since the late '70s.

I appreciate your commitment to keeping some manufacturing in the United States. I recently purchased a pair of custom 574s and couldn't be happier with your service, quality, and design.

Mr. Davis, your recent contribution of a half million dollars to the Romney-supporting PAC Restore Our Future has forced me to pledge to never buy another New Balance product, and to encourage as many people as possible to follow my lead.

A PAC like this shouldn't be allowed to exist - only a bought and paid for Supreme Court could establish corporations as persons and money as speech. This is in opposition to our Democracy and counter to the interest of 99% of your consumers.

A donation to a political group or candidate in this amount shouldn't be allowed. That this is in-part MY money, since I've purchased products that generate revenue that pay your salary, I'm ashamed. Can I get my share back?

To think that you can afford to throw money at a candidate so full of hate as Mitt Romney, money that I helped give you, makes me physically sick.

I wish you, your family, and everyone at your company good health and happiness. How can you expect to be entitled to either of these as you run your life hell bent to destroy everything that is good about America?


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