Friday, January 20, 2012

#KXL: A Pipeline to Nowhere

-Tar sands oil is the dirtiest of a dirty industry. Extracting oil from the earth in this fashion is an environmental catastrophe for all of us.
-A foreign country taking our land by Eminent Domain to enrich a few billionaires is beyond contempt.
-If TransCanada could indemnify themselves and us from inevitable leaks, they would - but they haven't.
-TransCanada couldn't possibly indemnify themselves from the destruction a good sized earthquake on the New Madrid fault would cause to this project.
-KXL is now the poster child for a project that would privatize profits and socialize losses.
-This oil is destined for existing US refineries that will sell their product overseas. We are currently exporting more refined oil products than we import (take that, Drill Baby Drill idiots) and flooding the global will, guess what, increase domestic gasoline cost.
-Not 200,000 permanent jobs! Construction will involve a few thousand temporary construction jobs, and a few hundred permanent operational jobs. Are these worth it for a dirty business that will only enrich a few already wealthy people?

Say no the this pipe.