Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uncertainty is in the Eye of the Billionaire

Role Reversal...

We have turned into a nation that worships billionaires and personifies corporations. When did these titans of the universe suddenly become scared little children?

We have demonized our government, which is US, as well as teachers, people who work for a living, etc. - why have we, for 30 years, distracted ourselves from doing true work that helps people?

We let politicians, elections, and legislation be bought by wealthy and powerful interests, and these interests can't see fit to invest in anything but their own short term profits?

The lack of confidence that people have toward the Republican Party as they cheerlead the destruction of our Democracy has created a great deal of concern and IS the reason why cash from corporations is not being used to help grow the economy.

Billionaires and Corporations have NOTHING without the work and wealth of millions. We must turn this country around to show that these millions are not beneath the Billionaires and Corporations, but we are their bosses. An uncertain economic future can only be turned around when we get the Billionaires and Corporations to do their patriotic duty and invest in Americans.

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