Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The People are the Pawns.

I support the People of Palestine and Israel. They are pawns in this dangerous game.

I condemn the governments of Palestine and Israel for their warfare, which violates every bit of decency we have ever had in this world. This war is, for both sides, far worse than any action ever taken against the People of these nations and their ancestors.

I blame the global Military Industrial Complex and the financial interests that back the current war and profit from it. Follow the Money, always.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's Sunday Morning on Bash The President

There's some truth to this (behind the bigoted dig on our President). You have to remember that since the middle of 2008 it has been a combination of dark (Koch) money and bright storytelling by the corporate media that has been creating a Barack Obama who is Arab, Kenyan, Muslim, Gay, Dumb, Unknown, Inexperienced, Un-vetted, Communist, Terrorist, Marxist, Socialist. He is none of these, and you and they know it.
That is because they are still furious that they lost their actually dumb and incompetent President, and their chance at a replacement in Palin.

But, by steering the narrative about BHO by boldly asserting that his supporters are the real racists, that ACORN faked all of the registrations so armies of Blacks could illegitimately vote him into office, and that to his supporters he is their Chosen One, Dear Leader, Messiah, etc., they, and poor journalists like you, National Journal, have fueled this narrative that he is believed by his supporters (a true majority of us) to be The Hero.

Even Thomas Frank in today's Salon is trying vainly to denigrate Obama, and his office, by saying he had every opportunity to stop the assault by Congress, the Kochs, and their blind supporters (who vote against their self interest by having shiny objects of various kinds dangled in front of them). No President has ever done so much good in the face of so much opposition. Even FDR in 1937 caved a little, to very similar opposition, and set back our recovery from the Depression by years.

No, Barack Obama does not think he is the Hero. That is your invention. and you, the dark money behind these lies, and gullible voters and supporters, bought and paid for this narrative. Have YOU no shame?

It's Sunday Morning on Bash The President. We're on to your game.