Thursday, December 09, 2010

A New Nursing Home Population: The Young : NPR

A New Nursing Home Population: The Young

You buried the lede (something you at NPR and the Corporate Media in general tend to do more and more - can't upset the billionaires). "the cost of attendant care is about a third the cost of providing care in a nursing home or institution."

The insane drive over the last 30 years to destroy families and the middle class is working. Families that could have otherwise supported members who are disabled instead have to pay more and more of their income in taxes so billionaires can pay less. These families pay a daily tax directly to C-Level execs, board members, and institutional investors who pay far less of their income in the form of taxes or the costs of necessities.

Governments that could support stable families like Fridley's instead support wars and corporate greed on Federal, State, and Local levels.

Nursing homes as an industry are consolidating under a few huge corporate umbrellas. These take the profits that could go toward better care for all, funded privately or publicly, and send them direct to the billionaires at the top. Home care with proper middle-class compensation to the individual care givers could help fix our economy, but those in the top 1% of us economically won't let that happen.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

President Obama's Choice

Dear President Obama,

Bush-era tax cuts for Billionaires
UI extension

These are not liberal or progressive issues, these are supported by the majority of us. Why are you ignoring and failing us? You have great Executive powers, and you party has the House and Senate right not (and will continue to have the Executive and Senate, you appear to forget).

The House announced today that it would be in-session until December 17. I have to work until the 24th to be able to feed my children. Lives are at stake here, not the football-game my-team-against-yours of day-to-day Washington politics. Make them work for us!

Americans are fairly united in their anger and insecurity about their future. Theses This is a critical time in American history. The bought-and-paid-for SCOTUS, Chamber of Commerce, FOX, and a few Billionaires can rule us, or you can lead us.

It really is your choice. Today. ACT.