Friday, June 10, 2011


Why should we even be distracted by this. A politician embarrasses himself and his family, and the sky sometimes is blue.

Anthony Weiner has not broken any laws or violated any Congressional ethics (oxymoron?) rules. He needs to zip it up, tame the tweets, fix his family, and let the voters decide.

His district might get redistricted out of existence anyway, so the outlook for the next election is not clear. As far as I know, Weiner had no plans to run for higher office.

The story here is that Weiner has been emerging as a strong liberal voice. The never-has-been-liberal media has been turning to Weiner more and more as an alternative to the never-ending parade of McConnells, Boehners, and Cantors filling the airspace in their perversion of balance and fairness. His speeches in Congress like if Republicans are legislating, it must be chilly in Hell are sometimes a lone voice of reasonableness in the face of the Orwellian twists of modern politics.

Dukakis gets Willie-Horton-ed, Kerry gets Swiftboated, Gore gets SCOTUS'ed, and no one quits, no one goes to jail. Racist idiot Breitbart carries naked pictures of congressmen in his cell phone and displays them on national media, and suddenly this non-journalist miscreant gets hoisted up as legitimate. The machine turns swiftly and strongly to silence any voice that supports the most of us.