Monday, March 22, 2010

"Baby Killer" "Nigger" "Faggot"

Is this really what we want from our Republican legislators?
Bart Stupak called 'baby killer' on House floor - Jake Sherman and Meredith Shiner -

GOP Waterloo

Barney Frank: 'Mass hysteria' on Capitol Hill - Marin Cogan and Meredith Shiner -
As the House was voting on an unrelated bill, Republican Reps. Tom Latham of Iowa, Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri, Brett Guthrie of Kentucky and Gregg Harper of Mississippi stood on south balcony off the House floor — an area known informally as "the beach" — holding pieces of paper that read "kill the bill" to a group of cheering protesters. Some Republican lawmakers waved a "Don't Tread on Me" flag from the balcony, causing the crowd to go wild.

Later in the day, Reps. Steve King, Paul Ryan and others gave the crowd an Evita’s welcome, before gathering together to spell out a “Kill the bill” with individual letter signs. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) stood watching off to the side.

Lawmakers also came down to the crowd, too. Anthony Weiner was watching near the House entrance. “These people are very civil when you talk to them one on one,” he said, “but when they get together, it’s mob rule.”

A deeply misguided and divided Republican party shows just how cowardly and hateful they are with their actions inside and outside the halls of Congress.

The American public shows deep support for all of the components of the historic health care legislation passed on March 21,2010.

It is inconceivable that the Republican party, headed by the worst chairman in their history, Michael Steele, has done nothing to set straight the mobs shouting "nigger" and "faggot' at our legislators. The Republican party will pay politically for their defiance of their constituents' needs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polls...Want a ham sandwich?

RealClearPolitics - Election Other - Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan

Polls that ask whether we support reform of principles of health care clearly show that we Americans support health care reform.

Polls that ask whether we support "The Health Care Reform Bill" show a lack of support.

What's up?

As a statistically relevant sample if they like ham. 60% will say yes. Ask them if they like chesse, 60% will say yes. Bread, mustard, lettuce...60% will say yes.

Poll people on "do you want a ham sandwich now" and the answer you get will be 40% positive.

This says that right now a majority of us do not want a ham sandwich. It does not say that a majority of us don't like the ingredients, or that we don't like sandwiches, or that we don't eat - it says simply that we don't want a sandwich.

Today, Sunday March 21, 2010 may be remembered in history. President Barack Obama, his party, and supporting legislators must be commended for their great fight to do what is right. The opposition seems to be filled with nothing but liars and opposers, shouting nigger and faggot at legislators and their staff, calling out socialist, communist, government takeover, unconstitutional mandate, etc., etc., etc., through a complicit media to a few of us who choose not to think for themselves.

The majority of us who think, and us who feel for others, know we need reform and we need reform now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Members: Tea Partiers Used N-Word - Roll Call

Black Members: Tea Partiers Used N-Word - Roll Call
Rep. AndrĂ© Carson (D-Ind.) said some anti-reform tea party protesters gathered on Capitol grounds shouted racial epithets at him, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Lewis’ chief of staff earlier today.

Carson said the taunts came as the three men — all African-American — walked out of the Cannon House Office Building for votes this afternoon.

“They were shouting the N-word,” Carson said.

Should this surprise anyone?

Teabaggers, opposition to health care reform, and opposition to Barack Obama's presidency, are largely based in racism. It's time to say this, and to hold people accountable.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

GOP Team Targets Democrats - Roll Call

GOP Team Targets Democrats - Roll Call
House and Senate Republicans for several weeks have quietly coordinated an intense, disciplined effort to defeat President Barack Obama’s health care reform legislation, timed to scare Democrats just as they prepare for a final vote.

Murderous GOP plots against Americans.

A deeply divided Republican party shows a unified front in Congress to block legislation that could save tens of thousands of lives a year. While corporate funded right wing extremists split the party membership with fiscal conservatives, quasi-libertarians, and other factions, the Republican leadership proves it can corral its legislators and herd them to say no, and to say no yet again.

Despite widespread public support for federal health care reform proposal fundamentals, the Republicans in the House and Senate have been able to speak with one voice, saying no repeatedly, in a pathetic struggle to plant their feet for upcoming political races. Despite clear indication that health care reform proposals will decrease deficits, Republicans continue to oppose this legislation, continuing to act as the deficit doves they have proved to be over the last thirty years. No debt is bad debt to them as long as it positively spins for short term Republican political victories.

40,000 Americans or-so die each year simply because they lack access to adequate medical care. Many of these people are stuck between access to our insurance-company/employer-based medical insurance system and access to public services. They don't go to the Emergency Room to treat high blood pressure or cancer. If their employer does provide insurance with impossible deductions and co-pays, these people forgo regular treatment.

In a universe where elected representatives actually had any fundamental knowledge of and sympathy with their constituents, a majority of Republicans would vote for health care reform as currently being worked on in Congress (and a minority of Democrats would vote against). Republicans could have a meaningful say on specifics of the legislation. Instead, both sides have isolated themselves from the mandate to fix our broken heath care system from the top, in favor or political expediency.

Shame on Republicans in Congress for their March Madness.

Some believe that this November will be a watershed election for Republicans, possibly retaking both houses of Congress. Such a belief system is obviously not based in reality. The reality is that a health care bill will signed by President Obama, soon. American voters love success, they love winners, and Obama's administration is actually winning.