Sunday, November 13, 2016

Make America Great Again?

I suppose you could say that if you were a woman, LGBTQ, POC, an immigrant, a Muslim or atheist, America wasn't already great.

We were founded on slave labor and genocide. Blacks were 3/5 of a man, and the natives were subhumans we could rape and steal from. We replaced slavery with incarceration. Our nation originally only let white property owning males to vote.

When was it great, Dan? I'd like to hear you tell us libtards when America was great. Also, I'd like to hear you tell us what other nation is great, since we apparently aren't.

It's a new America, alright. Alt-Left and Alt-Right combined to give us a new kind of nation. One that doesn't protect Human Rights for all, which was the original and singular purpose for our government to our Founding Fathers (and Mothers). One that has press for profit, medicine for profit, and government to protect Corporate Privilege.

On what planet is Trump just another Republican? Is he even a Republican? The last time I felt this bad about our nation was when Reagan was elected. I didn't get a lot of traction with my vision then, but fundamentally I've been proven right (it's not about being right, but for everyone to see). Reagan's intent was to destroy the middle class, to create an oligarchy. I said that no one would get a raise for thirty years and damn me I was right. Still, Reagan saw the need for sensible firearm regulation, he raised taxes when his ideology failed, treated immigrants as human beings, etc. GHWBush, GWBush, McCain, and Romney after him were solidly Republican but they knew where the levers were, and they all in their own way respected our Democracy. I could complain and moan and disagree, but they kept the nation going. Trump is something other than this, and I am livid at those on the Left and the Right who made him happen.

Did Trump win? He got fewer votes. Russians have tampered with state elections, and the patterns in all swing states that polled for Clinton are remarkably similar, showing a pattern that needs investigation. Alt-Left Dems didn't vote in '10 and '14, resulting in Gerrymandered districts in states that have a majority of registered Democrats going GOP year after year. When Dems didn't vote we lost control of Congress and the Voting Rights Act was gutted; each of the states that flipped from Obama to Trump was one where VRA protections were lost and voter suppression was strong (unnecessary Voter ID, thousands fewer polling places, etc.).

I thought Sec. Clinton would win. But BernieOrBust and JillNotHill was taking its toll. Much of the left was believing that there was an email scandal (there was not), that she was corrupt, a criminal, sick, etc., that she was simply a weak candidate (she wasn't, she was the most qualified ever and got more votes than any of her opponents, as well as more than any other presidential candidate but one), that the DNC stole it from Bernie (come on kids, Sen. Sanders told you clearly that that wasn't the case and that you needed to unequivocally support Sec. Clinton and vote for her). A few principled Republicans crossed to vote for Sec. Clinton, but far more Dems, mostly women...crossed over to vote Trump.

No, nobody's rioting, nobody's destroying. I admit there were a few tears, a few of mine early Wednesday when I realized that we had eaten our own. There are legitimate demonstrations, protected by our First Amendment, and I assume there will be more, and bigger ones down the road.

The attitude by the majority of Trumps support is this: I'm a white straight Christian male, and I've been left behind. How do I explain how childish this is? number one, they or their parents voted Reagan and they are SHOCKED  that they have less than their parents did? That was the plan, Dan. These guys have it better than 99% of people in the world and haven't traveled out of their red county to find this out. They have it better than the women around them, Stockholm Syndrome sufferers thinking that they won't suffer like other women will if they vote against women's interest. They argue that blacks, Latinos, religious minorities, etc. all have the same opportunity but I'm here to tell you as a privileged white male THEY DO NOT. None of us white males know what it's like to be scrutinized and followed in every single store we walk into, or to know that we have to be twice as good as the men in our office just to earn 65 cents on the dollar. The average Trump supporter is woefully self-unaware and willfully ignorant.

To root against President Elect Trump's success is to root against America's success. This thought sobers me a little. We're all part of Rick's little band on The Walking Dead staring down Negan's bat. We know our world has taken a dark turn, that America will never be the same, and that individual survival is the best we can hope for. In the one in a hundred chance he actually wrangles success from his failure-checkered past and turns a profit for working people, I will join every American in thanking him.

Trump promises to have a special session January 21, the day after his inauguration, to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act. 21 Million Americans will have no health care, tens of thousands will die during 2017 simply because of that act. The trade war he will start with China will cause trillions of dollars in debt and an economic depression. The wall he wants to build will cost trillions in lost revenues, with or without Mexico paying for it (of course they won't). Deporting millions of Americans, many of whom grew up from babyhood and no no other country, many of whom served in our Armed Forces, will cost a trillion dollars. All the while, he will give massive tax cuts for the wealthy and his plan is to make people who work pay more to make up the difference.

Still believe Trump will Make America Great Again?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

This is easy.

This is easy.

  • In two years, elect a Democratic House and Senate, 36 Democratic Governors, 36 Democratic State Houses. In four years elect a Democratic president. 
  • Rejoin the Paris accords after Miami and Venice wash away. 
  • Renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal after they build a few bombs. 
  • Bring back to life the tens of thousands who will die because we repealed PPACA. 
  • Bring back our warships from the China coast. 
  • Spend billions tearing down the KXL pipeline. 
  • Give Dreamers a path to citizenship, at least if they weren't killed in the Mexican Drug Cartel War. 
  • Release the three million incarcerated for smoking a joint after executive action ended medical and recreational marijuana. 
  • Release the 50,000,000 women and 50,000,000 doctors jailed for having or performing an abortion. 
  • Reinstate Dodd-Frank and Glass Steagall after the Bank of Trump defaults on all loans and takes your house, your car, and your savings. 
  • Release ten million Muslims from their Mosque-turned-interment camp. 
  • Put a statue up for Sec. Clinton in D.C. after they Jailed and Killed the Bitch. 

This is what non-voters, "Bernie would have won," JillNotHill etc. voted for.

Need I go on?

In other words, America is finished. Stick a fork in us.