Friday, September 02, 2011

Dear President Obama - Jobs!

Every tax cut, budget cut, deregulation and privatization destroys jobs, families, and lives.

The current unemployment rate is simply a reflection of the public sector jobs purposefully destroyed in the US over the last two years. Without these firings at the Federal, State, and local level, our unemployment rate would be half what it is today. To continue this bizarre austerity policy is to play in to the hands of a small minority of Americans whose ideology is far to the right of most of us, and whose goal is simply to keep you from being re-elected.

The current deficit is big. It was caused by spending (wars, etc.) and decreases in revenue (tax cuts). These were choices! This deficit will shrink as the economy grows.

So much good has happened since you took office. We are no longer shedding jobs at the rate the last administration left us with, we have an end in sight to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, illegal immigration is down, our standing in the global community is light years ahead, etc., but no one hears this message. The media is owned by that tiny ideological minority, but you have a megaphone unmatched in the world. Please use this to get the message out. Speak weekly in primetime, use social media in new ways so you reach those outside your bubble, directly address the Kenyan/socialist/Muslim/spender charges. Speak the truth!

You have vast, untapped, Executive powers. Please use them. Don't let this faux Super Committee steer us toward a 1937-style re-depression.

Stay strong and consistent and deny the cutters! Draw your line, and stand quietly and firmly - the economy will grow and the country will stand with you.

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