Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No More Compromise with Republicans!

Dear Mr. President,

You have most certainly been bi-partisan enough during your first two years.

To give any ground to these treasonous liars who are taking over the House would be a cultural and political tragedy beyond the scope of anything we have seen from a White House in our history.

Their only goal is to elect more Republicans in 2012, at any cost to decency and truth. Facts do not exist in their universe, and the People are behind you.

Nothing will get done in the next two years without your leadership and the approval of the Senate. This, combined with extensive use of Executive Power (which the Republicans have been fighting to expand for decades) can lead our nation to great things.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Write your President, Senators and Congressional Representative!

This is the letter I wrote to President Obama. I work day and night to provide for my family. Please work day and night to help him provide this for the United States of America:

President Obama,

Please put the needs of the United States and its middle class ahead of a few billionaires and the powerful corporate interests.

Please explain to the American public that these are marginal rates, and even if the top marginal rate goes back up to what it was in 1999, they still have a lower rate than what they had then.

Please explain that we can't get this economy moving again with this horrible trickle-up economic policy.

Use your Executive power. Use reconciliation. Use any means at hand to do what's right.

I want to have a chance to vote for you again in 2012, and without this I may lose that opportunity.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Washington Week

Washington Week

"And In a setback for US terror prosecutions a former Guantanamo detainee tried in civilian court gets a split verdict"

Ms. Ifill, I'm incensed at your biased, corporate-smothered reporting.

We are a nation of laws with a strong system of Justice. You seem to know nothing of this. In what world does a sentence of 20 year to life equal a setback? This is not a simple story, yet you insist on repeating a tired, failed, biased message about this case and the larger issues of terrorist prosecution.

And "Republicans let us know that they are drop dead serious about cutting spending" You could take a few short minutes to explainin how Republicans have no history of or plans to cut spending, but instead you spew a tired, false, extremist meme instead of reporting news and presenting reasonable discussion.

You and much of the corporate media seems to have lost your way. I have little faith that reasonableness can be restored in my lifetime, and it's maddening and sad.

Shame on you.