Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We are in debt because of....illegal immigrants?

-We are not at war with or within Mexico or Canada. I do crave Poutine, though.

-Who are you calling we? We don't give any immigrant a job, other than picking our food, washing our cars, wiping our babies' butts. Immigrants come here to work, support their families, make a better life.

-A driver's license is a state issue. A state is not a sovereign nation and doesn't have borders, citizens, etc., the way a nation does. If a state issues a licence without establishing immigration status, WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE, they buy insurance, they pay their fees like the rest of us, but a DMV employee is not an immigration officer, nor would you want them to be.

-No non-citizen gets food stamps...wait, nobody gets food stamps. The SNAP program doesn't use stamps. And the typical recipient is a rural white child, you know, the ones whos parents voted Republican for 30 years and now want to take their country back.

-Immigrants come here to get work and rent or buy a place to live. There are more homeless that are veterans, per capita, than undocumented immigrants. Although some of the homeless veterans are undocumented immigrants since the Army will take them, so they can fight and die for the U.S. When they rent or buy, they are enriching our economy.

-Undocumented immigrants get health care? From the same free health care the rest of us get? This is seriously a thing?

-Yes, all residents are guaranteed a free and appropriate education. The alternative, I suppose, would be children running around in the streets, poor, sick, and ignorant. That's a Great, Exceptional, America.

-Nobody but billionaires and incorporated entities (an immigrant can incorporate here, no citizenship papers needed) can operate businesses largely tax free because of the tax code we started breaking when we elected Reagan. It's you and me who pay for the socialized losses to the 1% can prosper.

We are in debt largely because of two off-the-books wars, tax cuts to billionaires, and Medicare Pt. D (a bribe for seniors' votes). Social insurance programs, etc., have little or nothing to do with our debt (we don't borrow to pay someone's Social Security, in fact we borrow FROM Social Security, which is the only reason why some say it's in trouble).

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