Monday, September 16, 2013

Born With Saddles on Our Backs

"The Mass of Mankind Has Not Been Born with Saddles on Their Backs" -Thomas Jefferson

Our current economic divide has been initiated by the 1%, maybe, but voted in by the 99%. They were told that government was the problem, and that their social and religious agenda would be put in place if they voted a certain way.

Reagan Democrats, self-styled Libertarians, non-committal Independents...have voted against their self interest for 30 years, and our current situation is the result.

Fighting back will require that Americans understand this, and that they vote. The tools include removing money from elections, outlawing paid lobbyists, mandated and paid voting, reinstating majority rule in Congress, and smashing our tax code to rebuild it.

With these, perhaps in a generation or two, we may be able to rebuild a middle class.

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