Thursday, September 19, 2013

Texas. Banning Books and Facts Since December 29, 1845

Pretty much everyone owned a gun of some kind in 1787, and what a farmer owned to protect his livestock from predators was pretty much what government had, too. There was never any question then or now whether people had a gun.

What was under question as we formed a government?

Could the government confiscate your weapons? Of course, a truly Conservative government could (and did, in the case of the King). Ours was a Liberal democracy and we wanted to enumerate Human Rights in our Constitution.

Could the states form Militias and require that people bear arms? Of course, to protect the nascent Federal government lacking a standing army, and to protect wealthy interests (slaveowners - this was a way to insure that plantation owners in the south could protect their property, to keep them part of the fragile new nation).

Does this mean that we are born with the right which ensures that any person can own any weapon at any time. Of course not...that's a fantasy you've been fed by billionaires to keep you terrorized, poor, and ignorant.

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