Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rape Victims' Bill of Rights - Constitutional Amendment

1. If a rape results in pregnancy, no Local, State, or Federal government will restrict the woman's right to a safe and affordable abortion.

2. If a rape results in the birth of a baby, the Rapist and his family will relinquish all visitation rights in perpetuity.

3. If a rape results in the birth of a baby, the Rapist will pay child support in the amount of $6,945/year, adjusted for inflation, until the child turns 18.

4. No state law shall undermine federal minimum standards of punishment for rape.

5. Rape is defined as a sexualized attack on any person by one or more others. Gender of the rapist or victim is irrelevant.

Rape is a crime of sexual domination. I see this in dogs all the time. We are not dogs! Humans live our lives a step above our instincts.

No female is a slave, required to incubate a fetus, give birth to, and nurture a child if she did not consent to its conception. Our nation was founded on one principle: we are born with rights, and the nation exists to ensure those rights. One of the rights is the Right to Bear Children (and not in a militia with a musket). To deny the choice to bear the child or not is subjugation, and in the United States of America, we are all equal.

No person in power is a master, decreeing what contraception can or can not be used, or whether a woman is required to carry a child to term. This is not to say that we can not agree, through our representative government, on reasonable regulation of procedures. All of our rights, including and especially ones involving weapons, are and can be regulated.

It's time to go enforce a Constitutional government and enforce the rights of women.


Catherine Addison said...

This... really pisses me off. I just don't even know how to feel about this.

Doug Osborne said...

Thinking about it should piss us all off.

What rights would you like the government to protect if you were raped and pregnant?