Thursday, August 23, 2012

NPR, why do you interview idiots in your First and Main Series?

Wis. Business Owner Relates To Romney's Resume : NPR:

NPR, why do you interview idiots in your First and Main series?

This woman, running a restaurant with 46 employees, can't possibly identify with Mitt Romney if she has the slightest bit of knowledge about his resume. He wouldn't have patronized a restaurant like yours, let alone known how to run or turn a profit from it. If you would have been 10 times bigger and part of a chain of restaurants, you might have been on his radar - Bain Capital could have bought the chain, fired you and many of your employees, cut full time employees to part time, shown an improved quarterly profit, and sold their interest in the company at a profit - THIS IS HIS BUSINESS EXPERIENCE!

Come to think of it, how do you run your business? I'd assume you pay most of your employees well below minimum wage, split their tips, expect them to be taxed as if they were working for a full wage full-time, offer them no benefits...

You think Mitt Romney, who never had to run a business or work for a boss in his life, understands you better than Barack Obama, who started with nothing, worked his way through some of the best schools, worked for the common good as a Community Organizer, worked as a lawyer and a law professor in the private sector, etc?

Obama doesn't understand business? He has lowered your taxes! If Mitt Romney is elected, your taxes will go up by at least $6,000 (unless you earn more than $250,000 from your restaurant, in which case you are just a lying idiot).

Don't know what #PPACA will do for you? READ!!! and hundreds of other legitimate references. By 2014, all of your employees might have full medical coverage, as opposed to the un-covered employees (I assume) you have now, at no extra expense to you!

Don't feel a "connection" to Barack Obama that you did to Bill Clinton? Sucks to be you, trying to survive with a Black Man in the White House.

Religion in government? Birth Control has a place in government only if religion has taken over government. Fortunately, it's only taken over a good political environment, people will let their beliefs inform their vote, or their leadership if they are in government, but instead, we've let the most extreme of religious influences infiltrate many layers of government, and we are all suffering for this. Do you actually want more unwanted babies, venereal disease, and abortion? If not, you should be fighting for equal access to birth control for all women, not fighting to demonize birth control and those who use it.

And yes, your pitiful, limited world view comes down to one issue, and one issue alone to determine your vote: abortion. Why do you  want the biggest of Big Governments? Why do you want a government so big it can regulate the most personal and private medical decision you, as a woman can make? What is missing in you that you want to control the lives of other women? How many unwanted children have you adopted, sick children have you healed, or hungry children have you fed?

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