Monday, August 27, 2012

One Delusion to Top Them All

Of course, Cassidy's ten delusions are shared by half of America, and many of them vote.

America’s Twin Delusions and a Proposed Constitutional Amendment | TPJmagazine:

He's missing the one that unites them as one-issue voters: the delusion that life begins at or before the sperm fertilizes the egg.

There is no evidence from or agreement among scientists that this is so. Life exists just as much in the sperm or the egg, or the cells that the sperm was made from, as it does in the fertilized egg. There is no statement or agreement among religious texts that state anything other than life begins with the Breath of Life.

We are born with rights, and one of the greatest things about our country is that it was formed largely to protect these rights. We recognized that no king or country or incorporation had rights superseding those of the People. Much of the Constitution, and certainly the Bill of Rights, was to specify some of these rights we were born with, and how the Federal Government was built to protect them.

Each of these are exclusive rights. We each have a right to our thoughts, and to express them, but we can exclude expression such as shouting fire in a theater. We have a right to bear a musket in a militia (the British had outlawed that so the Colonists couldn't defend themselves), but luckily there are some modern weapons that are limited to law enforcement and military. Each of us is born with the right to our private medical decisions with our physician, including the right, as settled law with Roe v. Wade, to choose to carry a pregnancy to term or not.

This doesn't mean that we can't regulate it reasonably. I, too, think that unless it is absolutely necessary to save a woman's life that there is a stage late in a pregnancy where it is too late to terminate, for example, and we have to make sure every patient is making an informed decisions. To do less, especially with the case of a pregnant woman, is to make her a slave, a soul-less incubator, subjugated to the will of a government.

This subjugation, if carried to an extreme like outlawing abortion in any case, is an example of the Biggest of Big Government. The Tea Party types who rail against Big Government need look no further that how their government regulates what people do in their bedrooms and with their physicians as the first example of what we really need to do with government and its increasing reach into our rights.

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