Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moral Failure! Impeach Bush, Take Reagan off the Pedestal, and for God's Sake, Don't Elect McCain!

25 Years of supply side economics, after worshiping at the crumbling alters of Norquist and Laffer, should make it clear to all of us that we've been had.

Congress today is making plans to nationalize our banking industry. This socialist program of desperate welfare for the wealthy will make the misdeeds of the last 25 years look like a picnic compared to what we are leaving for our grandchildren.

No, we are not doing fine - the majority of us are working longer hours for less. Wealth is consciously being redistributed upward, while the morally weak supply siders warn about welfare mothers driving Cadillacs, brown-skinned people in emergency rooms, and helping homeowners keep their exploitative mortgages would void them of their personal responsibility.

It's time for the electorate to wake up and realize that Washington and each of the state legislatures are not working for you - they are working for the already wealthy and powerful.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should resign over the current national banking scandal, or be impeached - no matter what your political view, we are a representative democracy, and our representatives in each of the tripartate federal government are fundamentally changing our government unconstitutionally, without our consent. High crimes and misdemeanors, clearly.

The current state of government goes back to Nixon, and there are a lot of angles, but was crystallized with the election of Reagan - hailed as a taxcutter, who instead raised taxes more than he lowered them, hailed as a man who single-handedly stared-down the Soviet bear and tore down the wall, who instead negotiated with the terrorists...he was not what you thought he was. His administration should be viewed as one of the worst in history.

McCain - simply more of the same, evidenced by the reversal of virtually everything he claimed to stand for in his pathetic attempt to be elected a one-term president to continue the crimes of the elite administration. Don't let him fool you. Vote for anyone but McCain.

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