Friday, September 12, 2008

Elite McCain Campaign Stumbles

Born into rank and privilege, legacy-admitted into post-secondary education, elected to national office with the largess of Corporate America, exonerated from obvious involvement in banking scandal, married into money and corporate influence - John McCain does not know, and never has know, how most of us live.

John McCain is part of the tiny minority that run this country Elite First.

In picking a person clearly unfit to lead the free world as his second-in-command, John McCain has failed in his first executive decision.

The elites of the Republican party want those in the South, the Midwest, and small towns across America to think that someone on the Republican ticket is just like us, but they have failed. We are smarter than her, and them.

Since the Dixiecrat turnaround from Democratic to Republican of the parents and grandparents of this diverse block of voters, the Republicans have misdirected the voters into voting against their self interest. Now, the Republican party rejoices at the opportunity to raise the flag of race and even a lying flag of religion against their opponent.

The Republican party and the complicit, non-challenging Conservative Media have had a good unopposed run since the naming of the Governor of Alaska to the Republican presidential ticket, but they have received all the bump they will get.

On a level playing field, intelligence, reason, and competence will win, and Barack Obama will be president.

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