Sunday, November 21, 2010

Washington Week

Washington Week

"And In a setback for US terror prosecutions a former Guantanamo detainee tried in civilian court gets a split verdict"

Ms. Ifill, I'm incensed at your biased, corporate-smothered reporting.

We are a nation of laws with a strong system of Justice. You seem to know nothing of this. In what world does a sentence of 20 year to life equal a setback? This is not a simple story, yet you insist on repeating a tired, failed, biased message about this case and the larger issues of terrorist prosecution.

And "Republicans let us know that they are drop dead serious about cutting spending" You could take a few short minutes to explainin how Republicans have no history of or plans to cut spending, but instead you spew a tired, false, extremist meme instead of reporting news and presenting reasonable discussion.

You and much of the corporate media seems to have lost your way. I have little faith that reasonableness can be restored in my lifetime, and it's maddening and sad.

Shame on you.

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