Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a Values Voter!

Let's start with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as values.

I value life. War of choice, started for the monetary and political profit of a tiny minority of wealthy white men, is murder. Capital Punishment, which doesn't act as a deterrent, is an egregious example of Big Government intrusion into our lives, and does not right a wrong, is murder. Having the best healthcare system in the world, yet denying it to many or making it so costly that even the insured can't afford it, is murder.

I value Liberty. Calling the president a socialist (when you are too ignorant to comprehend what socialism is) or a Nazi is political terrorism - it stirs the Reptilian Brain and causes the blind, outrageous outbursts we see, reported by a complacent and complicit media, and denies all of us the right to decent political discourse. Giving the previous president carte blanche to shred the constitution and allow public access to our private conversations is a sword through our rightful humanity. Getting your news strictly from radio and TV shriekers who invent facts and reinvent history to support a disloyal opposition keeps us as citizens of the United States from living freely.

I value the freedom to pursue happiness - no matter what skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or ability we are born with, we have a fundamental right to live that to the fullest. My activities, unless they are against our laws, can't be regulated or outlawed by inbred morons and shriekers who put their own cafeteria-Christianity above my life.

We have an Idiocracy who values usury over monetary responsibility, winning-at-any-cost over the support of the value of life, and extremist political and religious claptrap over the centerist nation that we truly are.

Yes, I vote, and I will never vote for anyone who transparently wants to destroy our right to a free life.

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