Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daniel Henninger: From Bismarck to Obama -

Daniel Henninger: From Bismarck to Obama -

Every time a reader or listener hears this term, he or she should run screaming. It is equivalent to "death panel." It doesn't exist, and hasn't been used by a sentient being to label this initiative. It shows how dull, misleading, and manipulative a publication like WSJ is.

the country has been waiting for "national health reform" for 70 years
Dude, try 97 years: in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt’s insurgent Progressive Party included a health insurance plank in its campaign platform

Every time the state assumes an additional function such as health insurance, child care or benefits for the aged, the need for close family ties becomes weaker
Where to begin on support for such a stupid, inflammatory, and outrageous remark? Let's sum it up by saying that keeping your and my family healthy is right up there with keeping them housed and fed. Unfortunately, the deck is stacked against many of us. We can't win in the game - and the already-wealthy-and-powerful have made this a game, and a deadly one - to make enough money to afford even basic health care in some cases. And the rest of us who can afford it pay, and overpay, for those who can not afford it, it many, many egregious ways. And the tiny sliver of us who are among the wealthy overpay, but don't feel a thing from the inflation.

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