Saturday, November 12, 2016

This is easy.

This is easy.

  • In two years, elect a Democratic House and Senate, 36 Democratic Governors, 36 Democratic State Houses. In four years elect a Democratic president. 
  • Rejoin the Paris accords after Miami and Venice wash away. 
  • Renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal after they build a few bombs. 
  • Bring back to life the tens of thousands who will die because we repealed PPACA. 
  • Bring back our warships from the China coast. 
  • Spend billions tearing down the KXL pipeline. 
  • Give Dreamers a path to citizenship, at least if they weren't killed in the Mexican Drug Cartel War. 
  • Release the three million incarcerated for smoking a joint after executive action ended medical and recreational marijuana. 
  • Release the 50,000,000 women and 50,000,000 doctors jailed for having or performing an abortion. 
  • Reinstate Dodd-Frank and Glass Steagall after the Bank of Trump defaults on all loans and takes your house, your car, and your savings. 
  • Release ten million Muslims from their Mosque-turned-interment camp. 
  • Put a statue up for Sec. Clinton in D.C. after they Jailed and Killed the Bitch. 

This is what non-voters, "Bernie would have won," JillNotHill etc. voted for.

Need I go on?

In other words, America is finished. Stick a fork in us.

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