Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Thinking of a Clean Resolution, and What is the GOP's End Game?

OK, here's where we start thinking: There is a "Clean CR" on the table. It funds the government as-is, and the Senate and POTUS will sign it. There is also a Clean Debt Ceiling bill that could keep our Full Faith and Credit intact in two weeks, but I digress.

The Republicans are adding unthinkable, unsustainable items to the resolution that will never get past the Senate or POTUS. This is as if the Democrats had added an upgrade to Single Payer for the #PPACA, permanent ban of fracking, labeling of GMOs, etcl and said that they will shut down the government unless these are added to the resolution to fund the government.

The thinking part is "since the Republicans know that Obamacare can't and won't be defunded, what is their end game instead?"

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