Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yes, I Do Hate Guns

Yes, I do hate guns.

You don't have to join me in this. Hate is a powerful emotion, and probably should be reserved for a few people, not a hunk of metal.

I fear guns. If you have a soul, shouldn't you join me in this? Guns, as inanimate objects, don't hate. They don't hate other guns, they don't hate wabbits, they don't hate people. They just kill.

Don't try to tell anyone that people still kill without guns. Of course they do, sparky, but if guns don't kill, why don't we send people into war without guns. That way people could kill people. Crazy people in China have attacked schoolchildren with knives, and how many have they killed - c'mon start thinking here.

Would any of the spree killers in recent memory have killed as many people if they'd had only knives, poison, automobiles (why did I even type that?)? Of course not.

Without guns, people I knew, loved, and admire would probably still be alive now.

Think you have some God-given freedom to own as many guns of any kind at any time as you want? You are just plain wrong, and there is nothing in our Constitution that says anything remotely like that.

Think you need a hoard of guns to fight off a tyrannical US Government? You'd need a lot more that a bunch of ARs to fight off nukes, bunker busters, or even (LAPD?) incendiary grenades, Cletus.

Sure, admire guns for their workmanship. Their craftsmanship. Their place in history. You don't need a cache of weapons to do that. You can admire bicycles, guitars, or dishware in the same way, without the extra 60% chance of a loved one dying from that collection.

Sure, if you have a farm in the middle of Missouri, you'd be a fool not to have a shotgun or .22 to get rid of some critters from time to time. Sure, every household in 1791 had a weapon - one that took a long time to load or reload. There were bears.

The #NRA exists for one reason - to sell more weapons. It benefits arms merchants and terrorists, and cares not for any supposed sacred right you have.

Sure, I hate guns. I don't hate you, or your gun, but thousands and thousands of deaths from guns a year in the US is bad policy, and we're all guilty of letting it happen. I don't even care if your guns get confiscated - your security or freedom won't actually change - but a few sane, reasonable and Constitutional regulations will help us all.

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