Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wow, Republicans...

Your parents sure were pathetic losers. No wonder their children grew up to be what they are.

I'll tell you mother grew up on a farm in a small midwestern state. She worked every day, didn't have much, but never wanted for the basics. As a teenager, she worked in a small restaurant started by her older sister, saving for college. She met my father as she worked there slingin' hash.

My Dad was a Navy vet, back from WWII, serving on Guam in the waning days. He got electronics training through the GI Bill, a job at the Phone Company, and set his sights on this cute young brunette.

They married. Had a son (my brother), then another (me). Bought a little old house, within walking distance of work and schools. Had no problem paying for medical care. Saved for a modest vacation every year, usually driving to beautiful places around the Midwest and Eastern part of our great country, staying in cheap motels, eating affordable food. Put aside money so the kids could go to college. Put aside money and worked second jobs, planned for retirement.

Do you think a heroic, to this crop of Republicans, life like this would have made them choose the Republican Party of clawing your way to the top? My dad probably voted for Nixon, but changed his allegiance Eugene McCarthy subsequently. Why? My dad was a Union man. Working for Ma Bell, how else was one family man to have a voice against this monopoly? How else would he have been able to retire on a pension (that is still supporting my mother, by the way)? How else could he have medical and dental care for this little family? Was he going to entrepreneur his way to start a competing phone company? My mother's family had always been members of the Democratic Party, even though her parents were conservative, church going farm folk (I never heard Grandpa or Grandma say anything but a loving word about anyone - they walked the walk).

Watch this video montage: video: Montage: RNC speakers talk about money struggles:

Do you believe these stories? Do you think that everyone but them got where they are through handouts, the government, and the work of others? Do you think Barack Obama personally had destroyed centuries of self-determination in the US and replaced it with a Marxist/Socialist/Communist redistributive regime?

Instead of choosing a life of lobbyist and taxpayer largess, my parents chose to live a life of work and giving. Instead of being able to sell stocks to pay for Harvard, they were able to use arguably the most beneficial government program ever enacted, the GI Bill, to set the stage for generations to come. Instead of relying on decades-old stories of your parents' self reliance to prop up your decades-long career of leeching off taxpayers and the corporate teat, my family lived their version of the American dream.

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