Thursday, August 19, 2010

D.I.Y. Solar -

D.I.Y. Solar -

Today's Liberty: Freedom from the grid!

We are ensnared by the dirty coal, gas, and oil industries. Each of this derives great profit to a few already-wealthy and -powerful individuals at great cost to our health, our environment, and our earth.

We in the US use far more energy per-capita than any other nation on earth, and we can only supply a fraction of our needs domestically. Any exploitation of cleaner geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, etc. energy is slammed back two centuries by these wealthy and powerful interests. President Jimmy Carter was slammed by these interests for strongly stating the clear truth that we have to use less of these dirty sources of energy.

I have a suggestion: instead of using billions of federal tax dollars on our deteriorating grid, use far fewer tax dollars to put one of the Clarian Sunfish Plug-In Solar Power devices, or equivalent, on each owner-occupied house in the US. The manufacture of these devices certainly uses resources, but is far cleaner than the production of coal, gas, and oil. The energy these devices would put back into the grid would stabilize the grid overnight, provide manufacturing jobs to US workers, and improve our health and environment, and lessen our ravaging of the earth.

The grid is a tremendous national security risk to the US. We have to spend countless tax dollars to defend this system which is vulnerable to attack and opens us to exploitation and attack when it fails. This should be shouted to the rooftops, but wealthy and powerful interests keep their profit flowing by killing us, along with our air, water, and earth.

In our free society, we, with our insatiable demand for power in many forms, are enslaved by these wealthy and powerful industries. Coal, oil, and gas have their place, but that place should be shrunk to insignificance by the end of our lifetimes.

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