Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polls...Want a ham sandwich?

RealClearPolitics - Election Other - Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan

Polls that ask whether we support reform of principles of health care clearly show that we Americans support health care reform.

Polls that ask whether we support "The Health Care Reform Bill" show a lack of support.

What's up?

As a statistically relevant sample if they like ham. 60% will say yes. Ask them if they like chesse, 60% will say yes. Bread, mustard, lettuce...60% will say yes.

Poll people on "do you want a ham sandwich now" and the answer you get will be 40% positive.

This says that right now a majority of us do not want a ham sandwich. It does not say that a majority of us don't like the ingredients, or that we don't like sandwiches, or that we don't eat - it says simply that we don't want a sandwich.

Today, Sunday March 21, 2010 may be remembered in history. President Barack Obama, his party, and supporting legislators must be commended for their great fight to do what is right. The opposition seems to be filled with nothing but liars and opposers, shouting nigger and faggot at legislators and their staff, calling out socialist, communist, government takeover, unconstitutional mandate, etc., etc., etc., through a complicit media to a few of us who choose not to think for themselves.

The majority of us who think, and us who feel for others, know we need reform and we need reform now.

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