Monday, February 22, 2010

Malpractice Reform: A Smokescreen to keep us from achieving true health care reform.

Malpractice Reform: A Test Case for Bipartisanship At The Health Summit - Kaiser Health News

"Sorry Works" is one of many approaches that can decrease insurers' roles in doctors' procedures
...doctors report medical errors to hospital administrators, who would then notify patients and begin negotiations
. Our president clearly supports malpractice reform.

in 2005, while he was still just a senator, (Barack Obama) co-sponsored (with Hillary Clinton) a bill that would have implemented a "sorry works" model nationally. It didn't become law, but Obama kept talking up malpractice reform.

The insurance companies are the common enemy of both consumers and providers of medical care. Lawyers and courts already have solid controls in most states that limit frivolous lawsuits and errant lawyers, and in the states that don't have sufficient controls (typically Republican-dominated southern or western states), more controls should be put in place. Without insurance regulation on a national level, the perceived problem with malpractice lawsuits and insurance increasing costs to consumers (and decreasing care quality) won't go away.

Only about ten percent of malpractice lawsuits make it to settlement or court. Of those, only about ten percent are found in favor of the plaintiff.

Those ranting about malpractice reform either know this, or are too ignorant to join the discussion.

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