Thursday, December 24, 2009

Republican Murdering Obstructionists Lose Divisive Health Insurance Vote

Democrats win the historic but divisive vote, 60 to 39

With every member of the House and Senate firmly in the pocket of corporate interests, the Republican members of the Senate still failed to stop the passage of a long overdue federal health care bill.

Every year tens of thousands of us in the United States die simply because we don't have access to medical care. Most bankruptcies are caused by medical bills, with costs inflated from the insane pressure to feed ever increasing profit dollars to an ever decreasing number of C-Level executives, board members, and institutional investors.

Next stop - a divided Republican party will sink deeper into irrelevancy in upcoming elections as they face the fact that voters know, despite the onslaught of partisan bullshit from a complicit media, that these reforms are needed.

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