Friday, October 21, 2005

'Rudderless White House' Fights Miers' Choppy Seas - Los Angeles Times

Last November, it was obvious that:

The economic recovery was going slow and benefitting a small, and wealthy, portion of the US.

The war in Iraq was based on either lies or stupidity.

The insurgency and civil war in Iraq was increasing daily.

Top level Executive branch officials were suspected of or implicated in crimes involving national security.

Disaster preparedness was already under scruitiny.


Observing this rationally, no president with this record would be re-elected. Yet a (small) majority voted for him.

Now a majority of these people think he is doing a poor job. It was obviously the same job he was doing when they voted for him.

Was it just the response to the natural disaster? The worsening of the war in Iraq? Their obvious loss of real income/purchasing power? The millions that have fallen off the unemployment count, unable to find an equivalent job, or any job at all? Is George W. Bush a different, lesser, man than he was before the election?

Did they just figure out that he is not the man do do all this "hard work" moments after the election?

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